Giffoni Film Festival 2014 Report and Diary


For Lea Michele and Matt Bomer fans. Please, Hemosexuals, read what this post says about Heather too. I’ve also had a conversation with a Giffoni insider about Dianna Agron, in case you were curious to know more about her. (Don’t mind my mistakes, I wrote it in a rush and didn’t reread it)

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I did perform in a show on Broadway, called Spring Awakening, before I was on Glee, that was quite dark in what I had to do every night. When that was done, it was so challenging; I was so happy to do Glee, because it was so happy. Now I think I’m ready again to try some more challenging and possibly darker roles. I actually just got something that I’m very excited about, although I can’t say what it is. But it is starting to go down a different path, trying different things. Comedy is what I love. I grew up loving women like Lucille Ball and Barbra Streisand, so that’s really what I love to do. But as an actor, I think it’s so important to always try different things. It’s like strengthening your muscles as an actor.
Lea Michele [Giffoni interview, 7/20/14] (via girlmworld)

"I’m so proud to be italian, and even more coming here and knowing how wonderful and how kind everyone here is, it makes me even prouder to be italian."


Usually this S represents ‘Swift’ but today I’m wearing it because SELENA IS 22!!!! 


In case you missed it, the TFiOS audiobook is now back in a brand new third edition! Thank you DFTBA for trusting me to design the TFiOS buttons (and stickers)! <3